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    Easy to use, customizable Theme Provider. This provides app color schemes throughout the app and automatically rebuilds the UI dynamically. You can also persist your color theme as well. Easily store and retrieve user preference without hassle. This package also provides you with several widgets that can help you to easily add theme switching abilities. Additionally you can pass option classes to store and provide data which should be associated with the current theme.

    Basic Demonstration

    Web demo is available in

    Basic UsageDialog Box

    computer Include in your project


    ProcessMaker Screen Builder

    @processmaker/screen-builder is a VueJS powered Screen Builder that produces compatible JSON for our vue-form-renderer.

    Project setup



    Skin eBay

    Pure CSS framework designed & developed by eBay for a branded, e-commerce marketplace.

    Please visit the Skin website for all end-user documentation.


    eBayUI Core

    Collection of Marko widgets; considered to be the core building blocks for all eBay components, pages & apps.




    Server-X: A pluggable frontend server built for efficient front-end development


    svrx(server-x) is a platform built for efficient front-end development.


     Serve a static site or SPA in current directory
    Easy to proxy everything
     Auto refresh the page on sources change(inline reload on stylesheets change)
     Powerful plugins: use without installation
     Routing with hot reload: never restart your server
     Toolkit for quick plugin development

    Quick Start

    npm install -g @svrx/cli
    mkdir example && cd example
    echo '<html><body>Hello svrx!</body></html>' > index.html


    You can read documentation here.

    你可以在 这里 阅读使用文档。


           A JSON-based language for describing rich user interfaces.


    A JSON-based language for describing rich user interfaces.


    If you're interested in getting hands-on with Cardscript, be sure to try out the Cardscript playpen

    Screenshot of the Cardscript Playpen


    • Describe the content you need using a rich vocabulary of elements.
    • Cardscript's simple and intuitive JSON-based language plays nicely with drag-and-drop tooling and Low Code aspirations.
    • Cardscript extends the open Adaptive Cards specification by Microsoft. Cards usable in TeamsSkypeOutlook etc. can be rendered in Cardscript-powered apps.
    • Importantly, Cardscript can be used independently of any frontend technology or vendor (including Microsoft).
    • Mark content for dynamic visibility using intuitive JavaScript expressions.
    • Define complex validation rules.
    • Support for nested user interfaces.
    • Deep integration with host apps via a set of extensible actions.
    • A set of open source JavaScript utilities are available:
    • Are you using JSON Schema to define the shape of your data? We've a utility that can scaffold Cardscript straight from a data schema.
    • Maybe you're using Vue.js to build your apps? We've another tool to take Cardscript JSON and output a Vue/Quasar template. This package powers the online playpen.


    Please visit the Cardscript Reference for full details of Cardscript containerselementsinputs and actions.


    Minify images seamlessly

    Reduce image sizes by up to 60%

    Lightning-fast API to serve optimized versions of any image asset, in any environment.

    Doodle Master

    The Doodle Master seeks to turn your UI mockups into real code. Currently this repository just serves to demonstrate a Proof Of Concept of Artificially Intelligent Design Tools.

    The demo supports the detection of 4 classes of UI components

    1. TextViews
    2. Headers
    3. ImageViews
    4. Buttons

    One can view the different doodles that this software supports for classification in the classes directory. Note that the classifier is slightly overfit towards the text view, training again with greater regularization can help solve this problem.

    This type of tool can be useful in a big organisation which adheres to a consistent design guide and has several reusable components on variety of platforms such as mobile and the web. For example a button on the Airbnb website follows the same styling across all platforms. This tool can simultaneously generate the same UI for Android and the Web.

    alt text