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Hi Janos,
I wanted to shoot you a quick note to remind you that the deadline for the Con X Tech Prize is approaching quickly - on May 4.
Our goal with the Prize is to bring out the bold ideas that may completely disrupt the world of conservation. We’re giving money to the audacious, the inspired, the “you know, that just might work.”
And don’t forget, we’re giving funding to not one team, but twenty. That means your idea has a much higher chance to win $3,500 in funds to create your first prototype. (And then you’ve got a one-in-twenty shot at the $20K Grand Prize!)

Our theme this year is Behavior Change – and we've developed a Behavior Change Toolkit to assist you in understanding the types of ideas that we are looking for.
The deadline is in a few weeks – Monday, May 4 at 11:59 PM EDT. The application process is a really easy lift so, why not set aside a few hours this weekend to brainstorm and submit an idea? If you don't have one yet, consider joining our virtual Ideathon on Saturday, April 25th.
Give us your best idea!
PS – we’re not just accepting submissions in the Behavior Change category, but for any conservation idea in the Blue Sky category.

Tom Quigley
Community Manager





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  1. Please rate your experience with solving problems in the following areas:
    (ALL experience levels are encouraged to participate and learn in this event!)
    (e.g., environmental pollution, wildlife management, habitat preservation, etc.)



    (e.g., computing, software/hardware development, engineering, etc.)



    (e.g., finance, business models, product management, etc.)



    Behavior Change
    (e.g., habit change, persuasion, compliance, etc. at the individual, community, or global level)





    Current Progress 93%


    Consent Form

    To evaluate the success of this event, Conservation X Labs (CXL) has partnered with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to conduct and review the data collected through this event and the Con X Tech Prize. This data will be used to answer research questions about the value of collaboration in online innovation communities. All data will be kept confidential, and any reports of the research findings will NOT include any personally identifiable information about you. Participation in this event will NOT affect your standing in the Con X Tech Prize, but may help improve online innovation events and communities in the future.

    By participating in this event, you consent to sharing the following data with CXL and researchers at CMU:

    • your answers in this registration form, 
    • your interactions with other participants in this event, 
    • your written deliverables from this event, 
    • your submissions to the Con X Tech Prize (if any), 
    • your responses to feedback surveys sent by CXL staff.

    Note that this will NOT supersede any intellectual property (IP) rights or agreements from the Con X Tech Prize. In other words, CXL and CMU will NOT take ownership over any IP generated through this event or the Con X Tech Prize.

    For more information about the research, please read the full consent form here:, and/or contact the Principal Investigator Felicia Ng at before continuing.

    Please select all of the following statements to verify your consent:

  3. Thanks for registering for the Conservation X Labs Virtual Ideathon!

    We are sending you an email with more information now. In the meantime, please go to and join the event as a "General Attendee" by creating an account on the online conferencing platform.


    Want to develop a venture to end the 6th mass extinction?
    Join us for this virtual Ideathon event, where you’ll learn from behavior change and product experts, find an interdisciplinary project team, and hone a conservation innovation idea that can be submitted to the Con X Tech Prize with $90,000 in funding available. 
    Hosted by Conservation X Labs, this Ideathon will help you generate and hone an idea to save the planet. The goal is for you to walk out of the event with a strong idea that you can submit directly to the Con X Tech Prize for $3,500 in funding to prototype a real-world version of that idea – and one Grand Prize Winner will win $20,000.
    The focus of this Ideathon is on using behavior change tactics to create tools and products that will address a conservation problem or extinction driver. Unlike a webinar or conference, this event is highly interactive - you’ll be joining groups, talking, and doing brainstorming activities. Everyone who attends will join a group and contribute their ideas and feedback towards a project idea. 
    During the event, you will:
    • Hear from experts in conservation and behavior change on strategies for creating impactful products
    • Connect with skilled, dedicated collaborators to form a team from across the world
    • Learn to rapidly generate ideas for products that use behavior change to solve conservation challenges
    • Generate your own conservation innovation ideas with a team, and iterate on one idea to make it as strong as it can be
    Spaces are limited for this event, so register now to reserve your spot.

    Proudly Supported By

  5. Schedule

    Apr 25 5:00PM–5:15PM · Stage

    Apr 25 5:15PM–6:00PM · Stage
    Introduction to Behavior Change

    Apr 25 6:00PM–6:10PM · Stage
    How to Find Your Project Team Today

    Apr 25 6:10PM–7:00PM · Expo
    Explore Conservation Problems

    Apr 25 6:30PM–7:00PM · Sessions
    Find Your Teammates

    Apr 25 7:30PM–7:45PM · Stage
    Introduction to Problem Formulation

    Apr 25 7:45PM–8:45PM · Sessions
    Problem Formulation (Team Activity)

    Apr 25 8:45PM–9:00PM · Stage
    Introduction to Solution Ideation

    Apr 25 9:00PM–10:15PM · Sessions
    Solution Ideation (Team Activity)

    Apr 25 10:25PM–10:35PM · Stage
    Introduction to Project Discussion + Iteration

    Apr 25 10:35PM–11:15PM · Sessions
    Project Discussion (Team Activity)

    Apr 25 11:15PM–11:45PM · Sessions
    Project Iteration (Team Activity)

    Apr 25 11:45PM–12:00AM · Stage
    Wrap Up
  6. Speakers

    Tom Quigley

    Panoptic God of the Realms of Bits and Bytes


    Virtual Ideathon - Conservation X Labs

    Virtual Ideathon - Conservation X Labs

    Apr 25, 5:00PM → Apr 26, 12:00AM (+01:00)
    Conservation X Labs

    Hosted by

    Conservation X Labs

    Conservation X Labs builds ventures and empowers innovators to revolutionize the field of conservation.

  8. attendee avatar
    Aidan Hudson-Lapore
    Behavior change designer on a mission to support sustainable behavior change.
    attendee avatar
    Alice Sullivan
    International Agriculture & Statistics Student at Cornell University
    attendee avatar
    Amrutha Natarajan
    Caring a little too much about the state of our environment.
    attendee avatar
    Andrea Wilk
    attendee avatar
    Anisa Marhull
    graduating student interested in environmental health
    attendee avatar
    Antonio Mires
    Environmental Engineer | Sustainability & Innovation | Entrepreneur
    attendee avatar
    Ben Guillon
    Investment manager in the environmental conservation space
    attendee avatar
    Beth Tuck
    Scientist & Educator @genspacenyc
    attendee avatar
    Blane Edwards
    I am a "digital conservationist"
    Brooke Tully
    Behavior change marketer looking to start conservation movements!
    attendee avatar
    Camilla Ledezma
    College student
    attendee avatar
    Cassia Patel
    Program Director at Oceanic Global driving scalable behavior change for responsible consumption.
    attendee avatar
    Cecile Sarabian
    Cognitive ecologist @Kyoto University - Conservation strategies through disgust and public health
    Claudia Quintanilla
    Explorer, learner, people, nature and art junkie
    Daniela Soberón Garreta
    Environmental Lawyer. Evidence-based solutions, always.
    Darshika Manral
    Marine conservation enthusiast. Software engineer turned naturalist. Positive change.
    attendee avatar
    Deborah Kornblut
    I'm a Masters student studying Conservation Science and Policy in the UK.
    attendee avatar
    Divina Lade
    BCC-SM Strategist-Trainer and Marine Biologist
    Elliot Connor
    Skilled communicator and senior executive
    Eric Wuesthoff
    Young professional interested in conservation biology, UMass Amherst '19
    Fel Ceasar Cadiz
    Student of human motivation and aspiration
    attendee avatar
    Felicia Ng
    HCI / UX Researcher
    attendee avatar
    Flora Belinario
    Loves to eat fish and making new friends!
    Frieda Kay
    Graduate student in Natural Resources and City Planning (Energy Transitions + Facilitation)
    attendee avatar
    Gabriela Polo
    Development practitioner & firm believer in people-power conservation
    attendee avatar
    Gia Grier McGinnis
    Interest and experience in the intersections of health, environment, and public and youth engagement
    Giada Giacomini
    Evolutionary biologist, interested in conservation, loves outdoors
    marketer, branding expert, incubation mentor, angel investor
    attendee avatar
    Janos Deak
    Optimistic - Big Picture Dreamer
    attendee avatar
    Jenn Low
    Integrative designer, educator, and landscape architect working to build more socially just futures.
    Jeremy Fertig
    Mechanical Engineering Student at Duke University
    Joanna Feaster
    Mechanical engineering student, outdoor climber, space exploration enthusiast.
    attendee avatar
    Josh Furth
    Aerospace Engineer and Program Manager @LockheedMartin Skunk Works
    attendee avatar
    Kasim Rafiq
    Wildlife researcher @ UCSC
    attendee avatar
    Katie Williamson
    Behavior change for the environment enthusiast and learner!
    Maria Chart
    Junior MechE @Columbia, Passion for sustainability & EWB
    Mariona Gonzalez Pineda
    Environmental Scientist and Oceanographer who loves nature and wants to learn how to protect itm
    attendee avatar
    Marit Bosman
    Student looking for ways to contribute to a better world.
    Michelle Zhang
    Student @ CMU
    Morgan Cividanes
    Avid gamer with a taste for coffee and tea.
    Nick Stevens
    Software developer, manager and designer; Sustainability through minimalism.
    Nilanga Jayasinghe
    Nilanga Jayasinghe works on Asian species conservation at WWF
    Otuo-Akyampong Boakye
    An environmental conservationist
    PrithviRaj Narendra
    Founder of Appiko, a start-up developing tech for wildlife conservation
    Pruthviraj Vala
    Mechanical Engineer who loves art and music
    attendee avatar
    Ridho Fermana Kusuma
    I am interested with this program
    Sabhrina Gita Aninta
    Researcher in evolutionary biology at Queen Mary University of London
    Sara Fares
    Incoming SWE at Peloton, love baking and boxing, and passionate about food waste
    attendee avatar
    Scott Countryman
    Technology entrepreneur turned ocean activist.
    Suy Ghi
    Masters degree in aerospace engineering, loves tinkering with DIY projects
    Taran Varyani
    Aspiring Entrepreneur with an affinity for Africa.
    Tianqi Wu
    Tom Quigley
    Community Manager for Conservation X Labs. Ocean science, digital products, and community!
    Tommy Sheridan
    @WildNetOrg's Conservation Network Manager.
    Vivien Chrristi Trocio
    An NGO worker working on communications, monitoring and evaluation
    attendee avatar
    Yujie Wang
    Interaction designer and creative technologist from MIT
    Ștefan Istrate
    Software Engineer with strong skills on machine learning
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    Full Research Consent Form


    This event is part of a research study conducted by Felicia Ng at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and funded by the National Science Foundation grant titled “Collaborative Research: Up-skilling and Re-skilling Marginalized Rural and Urban Digital Workers: AI-worker collaboration to access creative work”.


    The purpose of sharing your data from this event and the Con X Tech Prize with researchers at CMU is to help evaluate and improve Conservation X Labs’ programs, as well as to answer more general research questions about the value of collaboration in online innovation communities.



    The event will be a one-day activity, lasting approximately 6 hours. During the event, you will join an online audio/video conference and form small teams with other event attendees to collaboratively brainstorm innovation ideas and record them in written form. After the event, you will be asked to complete a survey about your experiences during the event, and possibly invited to participate in a follow-up interview to share more about how it affected your subsequent ideas and/or participation in the Con X Tech Prize. 

    Besides indicating your consent via this form, you will not need to do anything in order to share your data from this event and the Con X Tech Prize with CMU researchers. Conservation X Labs staff will make a digital copy of your data, encrypt it, and transfer it to CMU researchers via secure password-protected online channels such as private emails, documents, and spreadsheets. All shared data will be stored on secure password-protected cloud services or computers at CMU.


    Participant Requirements

    Participation in this research is limited to individuals 18 years of age or older who register for the event and/or apply to the Con X Tech Prize.



    The risks and discomfort associated with sharing your data from this event and the Con X Tech Prize with CMU researchers are no greater than those ordinarily encountered in daily life or during other online activities. The main risk is breach of data confidentiality. To reduce this risk, all shared data will be encrypted, transferred, and stored via secure password-protected online channels.


    There may be no personal benefit from sharing your data from this event and the Con X Tech Prize with CMU researchers, but the knowledge generated from them may benefit future online innovation events and contest communities, as well as humanity in general. 


    Compensation & Costs

    There are no compensation or costs to you for sharing your data from this event and the Con X Tech Prize with CMU researchers.



    By participating in this research, you understand and agree that CMU may be required to disclose your consent form, data, and other personally identifiable information as required by law, regulation, subpoena or court order. Otherwise, your confidentiality will be maintained in the following manner:


    Your data and consent form will be kept separate. Your consent form will be stored in a secure location on CMU property and will not be disclosed to third parties. By participating, you understand and agree that the data gathered during this study may be used by CMU and published and/or disclosed by CMU to others outside of CMU. However, your name, email, and other personal identifiers will not be mentioned in any such publications or disseminations of the research data and/or results by CMU. Note that per regulation, all research data must be kept for a minimum of 3 years.


    Right to Ask Questions & Contact Information

    If you have any questions about this study, please ask them by contacting the Principal Investigator now at Felicia Ng (, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. If you have questions later, desire additional information, or wish to withdraw your consent to this research, please contact the Principal Investigator by mail or e-mail in accordance with the contact information listed above.


    If you have questions pertaining to your rights as a research participant; or to report concerns to this study, you should contact the Office of Research integrity and Compliance at CMU. Email: Phone: 412-268-1901 or 412-268-5460.


    Voluntary Participation

    Your participation in this research is voluntary.  You may discontinue participation at any time during the research activity.  You may print a copy of this consent form for your records.