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  • OpenCloudware Supports the Lifecycle of Cloud Applications
  • Helps Model, Build and Deploy on private, public and hybrid clouds
  • Runs Across multiple IaaS including OpenStack, OpenNebula, VMware, etc.
  • Provides Monitoring, Billing and QoS Management


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OpenCloudware aims at building an open software engineering platform, for the collaborative development of distributed applications to be deployed on multiple Cloud infrastructures.


ActiveEon, Armines, Bull, eNovance, eXo Platform, France Telecom,  Inria, IRIT – INP Toulouse, Linagora, OW2, Peergreen, Télécom Paris Tech, Télécom Saint Etienne, Thales Communications, Thales Services, Université Joseph Fourier, Université de Savoie – LISTIC, UShareSoft


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Opencloudware Use Case and Platform Integration