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Collective Holistic Social Innovation Ecosystem Management

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Without collaboration among the people cannot build up the next generation's future. Our world so soiled that so need to come together in order to offer a genuine alternative to people in terms of solution making available providing in a very specific time which is the 12 year window of the environmental problem of climate catastrophe.

In these days we have complex problems in a lot of different fields where Humanner's work is about how those fields exist in a context together and create a context for a conversation in which we can have a more diverse ecology of ideas of professions of knowing a more diverse ecology of knowing and from that we may be able to see relational linkages interactions that we might not have been able to see if we were only looking through one lens.

We know we live in a world in which that is not really part of the way we do things like medicine and education and even ecology exists as an isolated topic. So how do we begin to look at our world at each other at our natural environment and our institutions that we live within in a way that is more whole?

We deal with the pieces and we hope to find some crossover.

We've got millions of groups and communities around the world as we all know which working on similar ideas and trying to create a better world in which people in planet come before profit or building sustainable economies building regenerative economy however you want to describe it but we have not really learned how to collaborate very well yet.

Humanner aims to explore ways in which we could encourage greater collaboration between those groups and communities so that they could work better and be more effective together to deliver the kind of synergistic results which you get when small parts of a system deliver impacts greater than the sum of their parts but we're also interested in improving collaboration within groups too so I think anything which touches on inter group collaboration or inner group collaboration.

We all work in our own disparate silos and it's very hard sometimes to see the bigger picture and get this overview of which groups exactly are working on what where the overlaps are and where the possibilities for increased collaboration. We're going to find the ways for people who living in villages, cities, towns, regions to meet each other and begin to collaborate in a practical way on the ground with a new ways of thinking that link people to tools and solutions that already exist around them or in the world freely available.

Already humanity are facing incredible complexity on the problems side. The context we're facing is becoming incredibly complex and the institutional and collaboration technologies that we make use of are incapable of matching that complexity.

If we have only simple sided solutions for our complex multi sided problems our future will extinct because the world around us is changing faster than we can respond. Well defined by ashbey's law of requisite variety so what's needed is actually increased complexity on the solution side on the responsiveness side and we have to find tools, processes, technology that can foster that type of coordinative capacity.

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